Secure Access

Access to our Troop website is restricted to current Scout families in the Troop. At the beginning of each Scout year (February), we add the email addresses for the new Scout families into our system, so they can log in and secure areas of our Troop website.

The log in authentication is handled by Google, so that requires you to create a free Google Account using that same email address. Conveniently, anyone using Gmail already has a Google Account. But you can set up a Google Account using any email address, including private domains. Click the following link to create a free Google Account, then proceed to the next step below.

Once your Google Account is set up, you can access the Troop Website, as long as your email appears on the access list maintained by the Troop website admins. After clicking the link below and logging into Google using your Google Account, you should be able to reach the secure Troop website.

If you have any difficulties or you would like to verify whether your email is on our approved access list, please email Jim Yocum at